Design on a Dime

Free actually.

If you’re in the middle of any kind of DIY land or construction project, you might fall in love with Google SketchUp. It’s one of those neat three dimensional design programs. And it’s free. There is a learning curve, but it’s super fun. Another check mark in the Excellent Free Programs column for Google.

What I really came here to do was to post some drawings of our “phase one” property plan. There are a lot of reasons that it has to happen this way (location of the septic, existing driveway and curb cut, wetlands). I found I really enjoyed the logic puzzle of it all … what-to-put-where-and-why-it-can’t-go-somewhere-else and such. My favorite inspiration was facing the “front yard” away from the road. I didn’t put in the big trees and such, and I need to add some garden beds, but here are the prelim pics –






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9 responses to “Design on a Dime

  1. That is awesome work. I have a hard time with plywood, let alone other objects in SU.

    What’s going to be in the fenced in area?

    To bad reality isn’t as editable as SU.

  2. The fencing – Dwarf goats and chickens and such. Smallstock beasts. Not right away though. That fence will have a livestock mesh on it too to keep the beasts in.

  3. Nice rendition. Layout seems very workable. I like the fact of “life” being in opposite direction of the road.

  4. Wow…I don’t know what I’m more impressed with – your plans for the future – or the way you drew them up! Your place is going to just be terrific! And you’ll be so comfy in your little RV. Love the raised beds!!!

  5. this design is so great! it’s amazing to see how it will actually look.

    i am so glad you are going with raised beds. i can’t wait to see what happens with them, and it will be nice to get another person’s perspective!

    if you have any radish seeds, apparently they grow great with carrots, taking only about 25 days or so. by the time you pick them, the carrots are just starting to grow. that way they don’t take up any space at all!

    if you like radish…

  6. Thanks crumb! I can certainly pick up a packet of radish seeds before we plant. All the neighbors grow them, so I might as well join in the party! LOL

    It’s exciting to see it all drawn out – let’s hope the grading and placement of all those stones from the foundation works out like I hope, so I have my two levels!

  7. The raised gardening bed looks great! Can’t wait to check out this tool – thanks for sharing!!

  8. Have you heard of the lasagna gardening method? I’m totally doing it!!!

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