Bronco Busting

It’s good to have good friends that can save your whatsis.

broncoOur good friend Wild Bill happens to be a crack mechanic (and has been for decades). He lives in the South – where there are more people and far more cheap cars for sale. (That don’t have underbody road salt and snow rust.) So, Wild Bill is looking for a car for us. We’ll need to be Adirondack snow-and-mud appropriate, and we’ll want to be able to haul things, so we decided on a 4×4, probably with a decent amount of cargo space. If he finds something in excellent shape with a bad transmission, say … he’ll replace the transmission so we have an excellent condition FrankenCar. And honestly, buying it down South is probably the only way we will get the car we want for the paltry sum we have available.

trooperWe spent a bit of time chatting today about what sort of things we might like best, and we settled on something along the Trooper or Bronco or Cherokee lines. 90s model, likely. Wouldn’t be opposed to a small pickup, but ya know, not ideal for staying out of trouble in the mud and snow. (Not enough weight in the back.) Not that I really will get to pick, but I do love the Troopers. This white Trooper is actually for sale right now. Has to be checked out though. And when it comes down to it, it depends on what’s out there at the minute you are looking.

cherokeeHmm. Just can’t get off that Trooper. Love it. The Cherokees are cool too though. Ah well, only time will tell. The quote of the day from my partner – “You have no idea how glad I am that a mechanic that knows what he is doing is the one looking for the stupid car.”



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12 responses to “Bronco Busting

  1. Also, something to consider is what garages and mechanics are available in the ‘daks for future service/repair. The Trooper, while it might look good, has no “home base” in your area. i’d stick with either Ford or Jeep,… would save some headaches down the road. Happy shopping!

  2. Ah. Good point. Excellent point.

  3. Tell Jonathan I am glad I don’t have to look at any stupid car pictures anymore. Now William has you to show them and talk about to. 🙂

  4. I’ve known two Trooper owners. Both cursed the day they bought the thing.

    Jeeps on the other hand, are cheap right now because they do use a bit of gas. BUT they are solid, dependable and I’ve never known an unhappy owner.

    The Explorers are popular, but a friend who had one had the engine blow up at 100,000 miles, and cost of replacement was so high they decided it was cheaper in the long run to get something else. So they did…a Jeep!

    Me, I love our big red 1994 Silverado Chevy pickup. Gas mileage, for what you get with the extended cab 1/2 ton 4WD is not so bad (about 20 mpg). It’s a workhorse, has about 200,000 on it and going strong, will do or haul anything. Parts are cheap because there are many, many of these trucks on the road. And excellent for hauling a 5th wheel.

  5. I agree with Cedar – Trooper is cool but I wouldn’t go that route.

    I know a lot of Jeep owners and they all have beaten the tar out of theirs and it’s still running!
    My friend went from a Jeep to an Explorer and she whines everyday. The reason why she had to get rid of the Jeep is because the floor boards rotted out and she was SEEING the pavement. It was NOT her idea to get rid of it and get the Explorer.

    Would a Jeep have enough giddy-up that you need? Are you planning on towing the 5th wheel with it?

  6. Thanks for all these awesome thoughts! Very, very smart all. I gave Wild Bill a call and let him know that the Troopers and such were maybe not such a good idea. Especially when it comes to not being able to service it!

  7. I’d go with the Jeep. I just went thru looking into buying a car/SUV/Jeep. The Ford Escape fits my needs in the city here. Yes, the Jeep and any SUV drinks more gas. I never had 4 wheel drive before and i LOVED having that this Winter. I had no trouble traveling on the slippery icy roads. I agree with the above. Make sure it is something somebody local can deal with before you buy.

  8. I have a pickup and it has 4 wheel drive and there hasn’t been any ice or snow I haven’t been able to power through if I have it in 4 wheel drive – just to put in a good word for pick-ups. 4 wheel drive makes all the difference in the world. Also, keep in mind, if you go the SUV route you’ll be limited in what you can “haul” for cargo. With a pick-up you can haul big and tall stuff – no roof to get in the way. Also, if you’re hauling dirty stuff like bags of compost, wood chips, logs, animal feed, etc. – you can just hose out the back of a pick-up – clean up is not so easy in the back of an SUV. You can even buy stuff sometimes like dirt or wood chips or whatever by the “truck bed full” – it’s a lot cheaper than either buying it in bags or paying for delivery.
    Just a few thoughts for ya, I know you’ll make a good choice no matter what you decide! 🙂

  9. Well, you already know my vote will go for the Jeep. I bought my Cherokee used about 3 years ago and wouldn’t trade it for anything…except another Jeep.

    It’s great to come here and see so many other votes for the Jeep (and admittedly, against the Fords, as I hated the Ford I had once upon a time)!

    Carole makes some good points about pick-ups, too. If you know someone with a pick-up who would be willing to let you borrow it on occasion, you’d be better off with the Jeep…but if not, the pick-up is still something to keep in mind. As far as cleaning, though…you can get a molded cargo liner for the back of a Jeep (and could even rip out the carpet if you’re so inclined). The liner can easily be removed and hosed down for cleaning.

    If you have any Jeep questions, you know where to find us. 😉

  10. You know, I hadn’t remembered it until you mentioned it, but our immediate neighbor has an old pickup that she just uses for hauling, and she did say, “If you ever need it …”

    PS – I’m totally into the jeeps!

  11. I wish I had a jeep so I’ll go w/ the majority here! I have a mariner that I love but still think about jeeps….

  12. Jeeeeeeeep!

    ’nuff said!

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