The Garden Spot

Can I rename Southern Franklin County “The Adirondack Garden Spot?”

We do have Tucker’s down the street. They grow all kinds of things, and supply more than a few local fancy restaurants. You can buy seed potatoes there too. Down the street from the big farm, everyone I know plants their home patch during the first week in June. We eat a lot of vegetables, and if I can get seeds in the ground amidst this big move, we’ll save a lot of money. I can even build the beds from from scrap lumber when the house is torn down. 

Nothing too fancy this first year. I wanted vegetables with a short growing period in case I get ’em in late, and we will have limited space at first. So I picked the things we eat the most of.

beansI bought a few packets of stringless bush beans because they’re easy, they only take 55 days, and I love them fresh. One of those canned vegetable conundrums with me and beans – I love green beans fresh, but I absolutely can’t stand them out of a can or frozen. I was after ease-of-growing with all this, so I went for a bush variety, rather than pole beans. It’s been years since I’ve grown beans, so I’m looking for easy. And besides, I’m lazy and I don’t like to climb. Beans can well, so that’s awesome too.

icebergjpgLettuce is a favorite of mine, and I’m going to let you in on a secret – I’m no gourmet. I like simple leaf lettuce, and (Dare I say it?) I like plain old iceberg lettuce too. The fancy lettuce varieties don’t impress me much, and I even prefer iceberg over romaine. I bought a few packets of 48 day Simpson Leaf and a few packets of Iceberg. That’ll do for us. They’ll grow into the cold season a bit, so although we may not be adventurous, we should be well off in the leafy greens department.

straightneckWe eat tons of Summer Squash – both zucchini and yellow. Tons of the stuff. Lucky, because these things are so prolific they’re almost a nuisance. I know in our area it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your front porch – If you don’t, someone’s libel to come along and drop off a load of their spare zucchini. Only 50 days, and you’ll have more than you can possibly deal with. One of the neat things about these is the versatility. Two favorites here are zucchini bread and pasta primavera. 

shortvineMy second favorite veg (a close second to Summer Squash) is carrots. I love carrots. These Danvers Heirlooms will take about 75 days, but they can grow into the cold season as well. And they store well. I’m designing a diabolical Under RV Root Cellar. The variety originated in Danvers, Massachusetts in the late 1800s. They are medium sized, and super tasty. Might have to go down to Tucker’s to get some seed potatoes if we have room left – nothing goes with carrots like potatoes! 

b60301For a little extra fun, I picked up packet of baby watermelon seeds. They’re ready in about 75 days, and they should be about 12 lbs. I mean, you have to have watermelon in the country in August, right? Heck, a ripe watermelon is a reason to have a party all on its own. 

There were a few other things I would have liked to have gotten, but space is an issue this first year. Maybe I’ll pick up some tomato seedlings in town.

Happy Spring, folks. It’s almost here.



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12 responses to “The Garden Spot

  1. Oh, fun! A fellow gardener. Are you going to plant in the ground? Or in raised beds? I wish I had room for the variety you’re planning, but alas, I don’t. I’ll just enjoy watching your crop come in!

  2. ctlogcabin

    Hey Mouse ~~ Fresh Veggies woohoo you are making my mouth water. We can hardly grow anything here with the deer chomping on everything. Please try to put in a few pumpkins, maybe ya cant eat them, but what a fabulous addition to the decor come the fall. xox

  3. Atlee has been telling me for a few months now that when she grows up she wants to be a farmer. This summer we are going to try expanding our veggie growing skills past the one head of lettuce we grew last year. I’m taking a wild guess that your garden is going to kick our garden’s butt.

  4. what? no radishes? onions? my daughter-in-law is a great cook and for my birthday she gifted me with one of her zuccchini breads. Yummy! I’m with you on the carrots, they are my favorite veggie. Several blogs are talking gardens right now and I’m thinking I might have to do a few box beds myself. Oh oh,… it’s catching!

  5. Did GM put out a challenge? Garden-off 2009??

    I didn’t know Tucker’s sold seed potatoes! I’m in for the purple ones!!!

  6. I’m almost positive they do sell ’em down there. Neighbors have said so, and I think I saw it on their website (click the link in the post). Now, are you going to challenge me to a garden off during my very FIRST Adk season?! Not fair! LOL

  7. Oh, it sounds like you are going to have a good set of green thumbs! I hope it all flourishes for you! blessings,Kathleen

  8. I love the bush bean plants! Last year I had around 70, and we just finished off the last of the beans I put up, so this year we are doubling the number of plants.

  9. I bought seeds today. Last year when I waited too long and the store was sold out. Didn’t really have time for a garden anyway, but this year…. Well, can’t wait!

  10. Marilyn

    Oh boy, oh boy zucchini bread…same thing I make with all the ones I get handed…My friend works at a farm market so I REALLY luck out in the summer!!! Guess it’s the one time we my daughter and I really eat a lot of FRESH VEGGIES…
    Wish you a LOT of luck in finding GOOD transporation from your friend down yonder too!!!

  11. You are going to have a very nice garden – loved all the things you picked! I’ve been thinking about blackberry bushes this year….

  12. Seriously interested to know how you go with everything, but the watermelon in particular–I have YET to ever grow one successfully (except on the organic farm I volunteered on in NZ).


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