The Plan

Today, I’m thinking about what we’re going to need done in order to bust out to Tin Lizzie. (That’s what I named the RV.) I think I have developed a decent plan in four phases.

Phase One involves getting rid of furniture and seriously downsizing our stuff in the downstate house. Almost no furniture will come with us, and of course we’ll need our possessions cut down to RV & Cabin size. But, this is a great activity for the two months that we have to wait for the thaw. I’m going to be merciless. Everything goes unless it’s beloved or vital. This is the now-till-May project. 

95prow4Phase Two is getting the house torn down and having the RV delivered. Of course, that has it’s own subgroup to-do list – get the electric meter removed, dig out and find the septic tank hatch, get anything we want to keep out of the house. Our contractor is handling the permits, so that’s cool. It’s a demo, fill, and excavation company, so he’ll also grade the land the way we want it when the house is gone. Must get a PO Box in town too. This should should all happen during the month of May. 

photo_061808_005Phase Three is getting the thing friendly-like. Put a new electric stand in, have the meter put back, and have an RV hookup put in. Shock the well again and install a pump/pressure tank that so we have water, maybe an inline RV water filter to improve our dirty iron water. We’ll plant (a ton of) trees and get some fences up also. Our neighbor is perfectly happy to let us transplant trees and plants from his woods out back, so that’s awesome . Raised garden beds have to go in at this point (which some short and cold season vegetables), because we really need produce this first year. This is all probably June, and we’ll have moved in at this point. 

100_0085Phase Four is further improvements and winterizing before the cold comes. This will take all Summer, and we’ll still probably not be done by September. I’d like the little shed barn built, the back fence in. Get the belly of the RV skirted with rigid foam board insulation. Rig the heater in the basement so the pipes and tanks are okay. Heat tape and insulate the pipes. And most importantly, I have got get some Adirondacky fabric to recover that pullout sofa, make some new curtains, and cover those those Donald-Trump-Gold High-90s cornices over the windows!

I did some scaled 3D drawings of the property plan in SketchUp. Maybe I’ll have a picture day soon and post the graphics of our plan for the property.



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9 responses to “The Plan

  1. You have a lot to do but what fun! I am so excited you will get to be on your property soon!

  2. I’d do a insulated skirt under the bedroom too. It would create another storage area under the “nose”…. You sound like you are very organized!

  3. When I was teaching scuba diving, I lived in a motorhome like yours (which was a step up from the truck and camper that held the door closed with a bungy cord)! Just before selling it, I replaced the carpeting and lino…and then, because it was SO easy and inexpensive, wondered why I hadn’t done it while I owned the thing so I could have enjoyed it more.


  4. “Dirty iron water” made me laugh. When we lived in Saranac Lake it seemed like everybody had the stains in the tub and the potty.

    Don’t forget to put “Buy good quality cold weather clothes” on your list. A pair of boots rated for -30 may not seem important in NYC, but you’ll thank me.

  5. I agree with the G’Ma! Good clothing will make you whine less about the -20 weather. This is so exciting for me too since I gain a neighbor and lose that (ugly) roadside house. (no offense with that comment) Your Tin home will be beautiful once you’re done!

  6. Trust me, I KNOW it’s ugly. LOL

    Good suggestions. I’ll put clothing on the list. An excuse to go to Tractor Supply!

  7. You are SO organized! I guess you have to be with a deadline and all. I am excited for you! Keep us updated….

  8. I’ve often thought about selling the homestead and getting a fifth-wheel to travel the country after DH retires. So far he’s not keen on the idea but I still have 3 years to work on him. Congratulations on the big move. What a grand adventure!

  9. You have a great plan and I’m sure you will execute it with precision!! Please post photos of your progress!!

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