Another Thing I Got Myself Into

A group of friends (many of whom I have visited on their farms and farmettes) have started a new forum for homesteaders, simple living lovers, and back-to-the-land type folks. Pretty sweet. Of course, you don’t need to be a homesteader to join or participate. A love of the land and a kind spirit are all that’s required. This is the description –

Welcome to the Homesteading Circle. Our community welcomes all folks interested in homesteading and simple living. It’s a place to discuss the country life, brush up on your homesteading skills, pass on knowledge, or just sit on the porch and chat awhile. Our only request is that posts and discussions are kept peaceful and respectful. Aggressive posts towards other members and flame posts are not permitted. Posters who indulge will get the unceremonious boot without discussion.

Heh – I guess that’s clear enough, isn’t it?! It’s a great group of people. Very kind and welcoming. Come on over and check it out if you like, and please do sign up if it’s your sort of thing. The forum is at




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4 responses to “Another Thing I Got Myself Into

  1. Nice forum! I like the setup. I’m on several rv’ing forums. that looks like a good platform. Hadn’t seen Yuku before. I’m on two that use phpBB. I bookmarked it and will probably lurk and read.

  2. I love it already!

  3. When you mentioned you were working on a forum (in a tweet I think?), I was a-wonderin’ if it was something you were gonna let us in on… Gonna go check it out right now! 🙂

  4. This sounds like a nice forum I’ll have to visit! I am definitely trying to simplify my life and would love to exchange w/ like minded people.

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