Easy Street

Ever been to Southern Franklin County in the glorious Adirondack Mountains? It’s awesome. And we really do have a road named “Easy Street.” The politicos call it “Route 86,” but we know better.

You may not have heard of Gabriels, Onchiota, or Vermontville, but you might recognise the town of Saranac Lake. Not much going on this week. Most folks are talking about the thaw we had last week. And the Burger King that got turned into an Italian restaurant. A few pics from around the county last weekend –







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13 responses to “Easy Street

  1. I recognize all those places! So the burger king restaurant is finally open again in a new incarnation! That’s good news. If you like italian we’ll meet you for dinner sometime.

  2. Beautiful pics, as always.

  3. I can see the promise of Spring in those pictures! I love that picture of the road….

  4. Change is in the air. It’s making me hungry.

    I had pasta last night, and oddly-enough Burger King for lunch yesterday.

  5. Someday I’ve got to see this place. I wonder how far away it is? the pics look like it could be just over the mountain from me!

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. GS – Well, head north, and it’s about as far as you can go, LOL. It’s about 90 minutes below the Canadian Border, in upstate New York. Just outside Lake Placid.

  7. Irish45

    Fabulous shots – someone is a great photographer. Loved seeing them.Love Saranac,Gabriels and Vermontville where my niece lives.

  8. Thanks, Irish! Eh, I’m an okay photog. I have a good eye for a pic, but mostly I credit the huge amount of great shots available in the area!

  9. You no doubt are going to be a welcome addition to the communty. Providing an insight that those of us how grew up here sorta take for granted.

  10. Beautiful! Congratulations on the move. And new blog too. As someone commented, it doesn’t look all that wintry there right now. Maybe we’ll take a ride up next weekend and check on our cabin near Lake George.

  11. Great Adirondack photo essay! So beautiful.

    I’ve just caught up on the posts on the new website and am off to update my blogroll. I love the new digs and am following the progress of your move with interest. 🙂

  12. I am so excited to follow along with you on your new journey! Awesome!

  13. Love the pics!!!! Congrats!

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