We Done Did It

Welcome to the new hangout! So much news!

The biggee? We have indeed secured the rather large sum we need to fund a move, a car, and a temporary home. We’re headed for the Adirondacks permanently! Preparations will begin next week to sell the furniture, pack up the dog, and hop in a northbound truck. We’ll be amidst the woods and waters by Summer. I’m celebrating with this new blog/website home. 

sideyard4This past weekend we drove up through Vermont and over to New York to shop for an RV (a nice big one with good heat and insulation) to use for temporary housing. We’ve even already packed a ton of stuff from the NYC house, and taken much to the curb. Soon, we’ll start selling and giving away furniture.

It’s a beautiful plan, and we’re plenty excited. The RV temp home will give us some time to simply enjoy ourselves – a way to head for the mountains immediately, have some fun, improve the property, and get the land in shape before we build. Within a year or two, we’ll start talking about raising a proper house.

Of course, with this turn of events … I am no longer a “City Mouse.” Thanks for following me over to my new blogsite home. City Mouse/Country House will remain online as an archive, but I will not be posting there any longer. You’ll find me hanging out here from now on. I think it’s pretty awesome. Please do hang out and explore the site. Links to other pages are at the top – I’m looking forward to adding more content, but I have a few things up already.

Sorry to mention it, but yeah – Adjust your bookmarks accordingly. I’m here now. 

I suspect there are several months of juicy blog posts coming up. Stay tuned – my next post will feature the fruit of our recent shopping trip – photos and news about the RV contenders. 

We’re Adirondack Bound! That’s better than a poke in they eye with a sharp stick, huh?

(Pictured – The namesake, our actual Small Pines.)



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23 responses to “We Done Did It

  1. Way to go!!!!! I am so very very happy for you guys!!!!! Can’t wait to see photos and read about your RV choice

  2. Well Bloody Done! Congrats both of you, I’m very exhilarated for you!


  3. PS….the little text at the top about ‘in the summer of 2009’ is a bit premature eh! Wishful thinking, though I felt like that already last week with the nicer weather. It snowed, yet again, last night; a stark reminder that we’re not in NZ anymore!


  4. Congrats my friend!! So happy for you! And excited to hear all about your adventures! So great to be living your dream~!

  5. Tammy

    Congratulations! You’re living my dream — good for you for making it happen!

  6. Congratulations on your purchase…and your new website. I can’t wait to follow your adventures and if you need anything…..just let me know..I’ll send one of the kids over to help you out!

    Best wishes,

  7. The future looks bright! And juicy.

    Isn’t it fun to have a new toy?

    “PHP kicks ASP.”

  8. I’m very happy for you. I know you are going to like living here and if you need anything, give me a heads up and I’ll do what I can.

  9. Mary

    Congratulations, and welcome to the woods! “There’s something about north, something that sets it apart from all other directions. A person who is heading north is not making any mistake, in my opinion.” –Stuart Little, E.B. White

  10. Whooeeee! Nice look you have here, and I’m waiting to see the next post and what your decision is about an rv. Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations!! Very exciting, very exciting. Nice new digs by the way.

  12. Thanks all! I do love the new blogsite. As Tour Pro says – it’s nice to have a new toy. And it can DO so much more. Can’t wait to get back up to the mountains. We’ll probably have to head up next month to get some things taken care of.

  13. It’s 10:30 AM and still zero degrees…but spring is coming….really! 🙂 I am very glad that you are getting away from the city. As financial things collapse, I’d sure rather be in the country!

  14. Well a great big congrats to you!!! I wish you many years of happiness here in your new online home, and at your new home in the Adirondacks! I am changing my book mark now… 😀

  15. I was bound to miss a few. I left another off as well – one of my neighbors! Oops/I’m getting there.

  16. WHOOPIE!!! Congratulations on the decision to go ahead with your dreams!! I’m just thrilled for you both and look forward to seeing how it all shakes out!! Good for you!!

    I like the new digs here too-and will update your link on the Blind Pig.

  17. Mary

    PS Consider this an invitation to come over and meet our chickens (Ameraucanas — good in the cold, some pictures: http://flickr.com/photos/saranackalmanack/ )

  18. Well so long city people…and welcome country folk!! I am so happy for you! This brought back to mind when after 20 years, I finally talked my husband into moving to the country. He has never looked back to town since!! I will put your new link on my favorites. Enjoy yourself completely!!blessings,Kathleen

  19. WOOHOO! I LOVE the new site! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  20. It is cold and windy here though the sun is shining. Had to carry water buckets to all the animals as everything outside is frozen. Have had a fire all day and loved just sitting by the stove. I hope your week warms up and you get lots and lots done toward your move

  21. Wonderful news – I’m thrilled for you both.

    Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

  22. Congratulations! I’m behind on reading and was surprised when you showed up at my blog as smallpines. Now I know why. This is so exciting. I do hope all goes well, and I am looking forward to following along on your adventures in the next year.

  23. Leigh

    I’m looking forward to reading your updates.

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