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The Twitterondacks 04.01.09

twitter-birdWelcome to The Twitterondacks! Below are a few of the neat Adirondack posts I’ve seen on Twitter this week. My only rule is that I don’t post conversations between Twitterers. It’s all about interesting info, timely topics, and a link to the original tweeter.

TwentyFour01 has put together an awesome list of New York State Bloggers who also Twitter. From what I can tell, this is a list of actual “live” social Tweeters (as opposed to RSS feeds). Um, awesome!

Watertown Daily News is organizing a North Country TweetUp – Live Tweety Connectivity, 1pm at Panera on Saturday! (What’s a Panera?)

TourPro’s reps (and maybe yours too) are non-tweeters.

AdirondackDotNet reminds us that trout season starts … Today!

The hot story of the week undoubtedly belonged to the Danes. By the time I stopped counting I had 40-something tweets repeating the information about the Danish Thing. However, you know what is very, very interesting? The Twitter news was about twenty four hours ahead of the newspapers and our local bigbox media. (Did I just coin a new term?)

AdkCouncil tweets a super cool pic – Signs of Spring in the Adirondacks.

High Peaks Resort points out a neat new Adk Birding Guide.

Adirondacks tweets news from the NYS DOT concerning the closure of I87 from exits 28 to 30, June 8 through July 6.

The Press Republican expects to be tweeting news within a few weeks.

It’s just an opinion, but to me, watching the cold steely dollar amounts of  NCPR‘s fundraising drive tweeting by – with nary a folksy quip or fun local story in sight – makes my personal recession feel far more recessiony. “Update: $95,518.” Indeed. Cold hard cash ain’t folksy or fun. Where are you when we need a kind word, Jackie? Radio Bob? Todd? Help!


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Sneaky Pines

I’m not good with regular blog programming – like to be a little bit more free form. However, I had an idea and thought it would be fun to post now and then, if not exactly weekly.

lakeclearWhen we were first discovering the Adirondacks, one of the things I noticed was this – The guidebooks, for the most part, only tell you about the major attractions. Yet, many of the stories you hear involve off-the-beaten-path locations. I’m not much of a bushwhacker or climber, but I certainly have a list of my own not-in-the-books favorites.

Interested in visiting some lesser known spots? I’ve started a Google Map –The Adirondack Sneak & Stealth Map. I’ll be adding new stealthy spots every so often and posting about it. Get out there and have fun!

This Week’s Stealth –

Black Pond – Whether it’s for canoeing or just to take in the view, this is one of the most beautiful small ponds in the St. Regis area, plus – easily accessible from roadside. Added bonus – the drive up Keese Mills Road is gorgeous.

Norman Ridge Road – Best Autumn leaf viewing in the Adirondacks, hands down, and the view turning East on Norman Ridge Road from Route 3 is stunning.

Donnelly’s Corners – The region’s premiere soft serve (hotly contested), served up at the appropriately named Donnelly’s corners, with a view across the Valley to Whiteface Mountain. The drive up Route 86 is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Hiking the New York Central – A nice easy flat hike along the old track bed, from Lake Clear to Gabriels, in reverse, or beyond. Be sure not to miss the “Beer, Lake Clear, 6 Miles” sign on your way down from Gabriels. Beware of serious buzzers during bug season.


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I Win.

Okay, I am going to declare it. You all know that I am generally a team player. But this time, I’m calling the game in my favor. That is, I officially have the weirdest, most unfortunate, most laugh-out-loud blog search results. Not exactly Rated XX, but they’re sort of fun in a PG13 way.

There are the usual moderately funny things and the inexplicable link trails (someone repeatedly checking my search engine rankings and then following through to the blog). There are the amusing-but-sensible searches that lead folks here – broken down rv, potatoes, and goat shed builder texas. And a few folks that must have remembered details, but forgot where they put me – tin lizzy blog simple living and city mouse country mouse moving from ny. But most searches leading folks here were variations on the same theme – adirondacks, homesteading, city mouse, country house. Top referrers are Adirondack TrailheadAdk Forum, and Twitter.

But the theme with the most variations – and I hesitate to mention this – is, well … let’s just say there are a lot of folks that maybe didn’t realize they were misspelling a key search word while looking for information. Confused? Just take the name Small Pines, and reverse the i and the e in Pines.

what is a small pines
a very small pines
small pines photos
small pinass
smallest pines ever
small pinese
small pinies
smell pinese photos

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


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Our First Adk Summer

Since we plan to arrive as Adirondack full-timers at the beginning of June, it makes sense to be sure to avail ourselves of as much local funnery as possible. Ease the transition. This isn’t so much a round up of Adk festivals and events – we’d need several gigabytes or a few reams of paper to list all that. We’d need a composition notebook for the list of weekly outdoor concerts in Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, and Jay alone. No, these are the events that we specifically have scribbled on our kitchen calendar.

lppalaceWouldn’t be my first choice, but Jonathan loves films, so we’ll undoubtedly end up at a few of these flicks. The Lake Placid Film Forum will be held June 11 to 13, 2009. Films are shown at the Palace Theater and Lake Placid Center for the arts.

I Love Barbeque Festival – Now that sounds more my speed. From July 3 to July 5 in Lake Placid at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval on Main Street. It’s a national level barbecue and grilling competition, sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society – music, children’s activities, parties and a celebrity appearance – Over there early in the day on the 4th, and then back to Saranac Lake for the Great Adirondack Days Arts & Craft Show (on Lake Flower, 10am to 6pm) and then the Independence Day Fireworks, lakeside.

They swim, they bike, they run. It’s Ironman USA Lake Placid 2009 will be held in Lake Placid on July 26. Ah, no. Don’t be silly – I’m not going to be in it. Just going to hang out and be supportive.

fairThe Franklin County Fair will be held August 8 to 16, 2009, and I am really looking forward to this. Besides your usual midway and rides and delicious crappy food, I want to be sure to go to some of the animal and livestock events. Particularly pygmy goats, chickens, and angora rabbits. May have to go several days. Ha! Think they would let us sleep there?

In Malone at the Fair Grounds off Main Street.


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A Jeep Naming

Ol’ Wild Bill drove our new ride up onto his trailer today and brought it home to the farm. The trailer made more sense than trying to coerce a nice lady goatherder to follow him in another car.

Wild Bill will be running the Burgundy Beast around, giving it some exercise, and checking into what TLC it might need. As I mentioned before, we got it at a great price. Might as well spend some money having it put into even better shape. Wild Bill is going to mail us the title here, we’ll insure and register it in New York, and then we’ll drive the plates down South, slap ’em on, and head back.

Of course, any right and proper Jeepster needs a good name. I’m pretty into “The Burgundy Beast.” No? Any ideas? Maybe some photos will prompt inspiration.







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Wild Bill is my hero.We just bought a maroon 1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited!

All is in great shape – perfect leather interior, power options all good, new injectors and fuel pump, brand new 31 snow/mud tires. It has a little wear on the clear coat of the paint and it has a cut-off issue sometimes, but we got it for a great price, so we have plenty of money left over to fix that. Wild Bill is on the case already. BlueBook/NADA values it at $4k to $11k, so we did pretty well. We paid much less than that. Exactly what we wanted – nice tough ride, good for our terrain/ice/snow, and great for hauling. And it has a rack for that canoe (that I don’t own yet). I’ll have some more pics coming soon, but for the time being, here the official glamour shot –


First car in over 15 years. Weird? Nah, not in the city. We’re certainly not in the minority – most people in New York City don’t own cars. Generally, we all do pretty well. However, being carless does sometimes have its downside. With the advent of a new-to-us car and some of the other neat things that will be happening in the next few months, I thought it would be fun to post Some of the Things We Will Not Miss.

I will not miss the Albany Bus Station on the Adirondack Trailways line.
I will not miss needing an act of congress and a rental car to travel anywhere.
I will not miss trekking to CT to save on the NYC rental car rates.
I will not miss having to carry home giant items from Lowe’s on the subway.
Most of all, I will not miss rolling my groceries home in my granny cart.

So, from the list of big dramatic steps to our Adirondack move – two down, three to go.

Buy a Sizable RV
Buy a 4×4, Preferably a Jeep

Tear Down the Old Horror House
Get-Rid-of and Pack Up

Of course, our beautiful 4-wheeling baby is still down south. Gotta go pick ‘er up. Ah, well. Seems as if one more rental car trip is in our future. That’s okay – I’d been wanting to visit the goats anyway.


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The Twitterondacks 03.25.09

twitter-birdWelcome to The Twitterondacks! Below are a few of the neat Adirondack posts I’ve seen on Twitter this week. My only rule is that I (obviously) don’t post conversations between Twitterers. It’s all about interesting links, timely topics, good info, and a link to the original poster.

AdkTrailhead points out a Saranac resident’s win on Millionaire.

Adirondacks wishes “ADK Daily Enterprise would Twitter incoming stories. NCPR conspicuously absent. No sign of WNBZ. Adk media seriously behind the times.”

NCPR joined Twitter and is duly Tweeting … sort of.

The Press Republican joined – looking forward to good things!

SyracuseDotCom continues to lead providing Northern NY Twitter news content.

High Peaks Resort points out that Annie O’Shea is training in Lake Placid.

Adk_Council reports a video link concerning acid rain progress.

Adirondacks, TourPro, and Ivanmironchuk are buzzing about the (still conceptual) Adirondack Ice Cream Challenge.

Watertown is on the Twitter beat, and has a super fun profile background. You go, Watertown.

Sandmarg points out some Lake Placid “cool vintage kitch” for sale at Etsy.

Of course there’s lots more, even minute by minute! Twitter is pretty awesome. Join the conversation – in real time! We’re having tons of fun. You can visit Twitter by clicking any of the member links above, or by going to the Twitter Home Page.

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